What is included on a trip with Keys on the Fly?

Fuel, Licenses, all fishing equipment and an iced cooler with plenty of water.

What should I bring for a trip with keys on the fly?

: Polarized Sunglasses

: Non-Spray Sunscreen

: Hat and U.V. protective clothing (Bright clothing should be avoided)

: Any Food or Beverage (other than water) desired for a day on the water

: Non-marking footwear

Can I bring my own fishing Gear?

Anglers are more than welcome to bring their own rods and reels. In most situations we fish fly rods weights 8-12.

Can I keep my catch?

Expect to release every fish caught with Keys on the Fly. Most of our targeted fish are protected species and must return to the water.

What if I Don’t know how to fly fish?

Conventional spin tackle is provided for anglers unfamiliar with fly fishing. Captain Drue is also eager to teach anyone interested in learning.

Should I Practice my Fly Casting?

Anglers are encouraged to practice their casting before a trip. Being accurate at an average distance of 40 ft will increase the odds of success. Also consider practicing your back-hand cast and your double haul. Success is directly related to executing a good cast to the fish. Capt. Drue is happy to work with anglers before the day of their trip to sharpen their casting skills.

What if the weather looks bad?

Adverse weather or unsafe conditions that result in cancellation for a full refund.