Keys on the Fly specializes in fishing the shallow waters of the lower keys and Key West. Although our roots are based in fly fishing, we are happy to accommodate anglers with conventional spin tackle as well. While out on the water, anglers can expect to sight cast to species like tarpon, bonefish, permit, barracuda, sharks, and a number of other species. 


Bonefish are a great fish to target on the flats. These fish love cruising in extremely shallow water, which make them great for sight fishing. They are often eager to accept flies and artificial lures. Once a bonefish is hooked, they take off on fast long runs across the flats. These fast runs are what make bonefish such a sought-after gamefish. Bonefish can be found year round.


Tarpon are the king of the flats. They are what the Florida Keys are famous for. Many consider the tarpon the perfect gamefish. They pull hard and love to put on a show once hooked. Expect explosive jumps and runs when fighting a tarpon. These fish can be found in sizes ranging from 20-150+ lbs.! 


Permit have a reputation amongst anglers as the true trophy of the flats. They often demand a higher level of precision when it comes to presenting a fly or lure. Although permit can be difficult to catch, the lower keys boast an impressive population of these incredible fish. If you are looking for a challenge, permit fishing is for you.


Barracuda offer flats anglers tons of excitement. Nothing takes a fly or lure more aggressively. Sporting a mouth full of sharp teeth, barracuda attack their prey like a missile. They also put up fights that rival any other species one might find on the flats. Don’t count these guys out, they are a blast!